Scars to Your Beautiful (Alessia Cara’s Fantastic Single!)

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Hey, ladies!

Have you listened to the newer Alessia Cara Single: Scars to Your Beautiful? No? Take a gander and watch/listen before you read the rest!!!

What is it talking about?

Alessia’s song is rare and beautiful in a time of music when rappers use similes to make women feel like being a whore is the only way to feel beautiful and loved. Most artists I find that have a similar message as her come from the Christian scene, but not her. You can hear Alessia’s single playing on radio stations across the nation. Alessia released it back in 2015, but she started getting nation and global attention from it last year.

Alessia talked about her meaning about the song to iHeart Radio saying:

“Whether it’s in media, or in just regular life. We are expected to do, and to look like so many different things, and it’s so hard to keep up with sometimes. Everything told to us, whether it’s indirectly or directly, they get into our heads and it got to the point where now girls can’t look at themselves and just feel happy anymore. We have to find something that we don’t like, or something that we have to compare ourselves too. And that can get so tiring. It’s just such a wrong message to send to people, and it’s just a bad thing to put in our heads. So I wanted to make a song that was saying to block out all that noise, and to just appreciate yourself, and not go to these extremes to love yourself.”

She speaks so much truth to that! I struggled with body image as I grew up. (Click here to Read my story). The idea that women and girls need to conform to the ways of media has hurt growing girls’ individuality. This can be changed and fought against if we have the courage to stand up!

Emma Watson’s quote says it all for me:

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“I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.”

We, as women and young ladies, need to adapt this mindset that we need to decide who we are–NOT the media! Girls, we were made on purpose no matter what others tell you! My last quote I want to share with you is from Psalm 139:14 and it is the base of this website. It says:

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

This is my life verse because it reminds me my heavenly father made me and his work in me is wonderful. The last part of this verse was a challenge to grasp. The verse says I know that FULL well. Full to me in the verse is saying I know it without a doubt. It took me a while to get to that point and it that might be the case for you too. That’s okay. God is patient and He will wait for you but know talking to Him will help the process.


God Bless,



Gladiator Sandals Spring 2016

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Don’t know what shoes are in this season? Well, one of the popular styles that are continuously growing is gladiator sandals! The great thing about these sandals is they come in all different height sizes, from knee high to ankle.  Below are some of my favorite styles and links to where to find them on their brand’s website! So don’t let this trend pass you by! Change up your style with some great gladiator sandals!


Don’t know how to wear them? Don’t worry! The are very versatile, going with semi-formal to casual. You can see in the picture to the left that you can pair them with a cute pair of denim shorts and button up to walk around town in. So check them out and have some fun with them!

Gladiator Sandals Spring 2016


Top Guy fringe shoes

Bamboo sandals

Wild Diva roman sandals

Spring into Maxi Season

Even though the weather is going back and forth, it is still spring! You know what that means? Dresses, tank tops, shorts, flip-flops, and maxi skirts can finally be taken out of the musty storage closet. This is my favorite time of year up here in the northern states. When the strong winds come in and blow away the cold weather for a couple months, so we can enjoy the sun and the sand…well, you know the sand we can get at a lake.Let us just take a moment…close your eyes…picture being on the sand…the sun melting into your bones…the cool water on your toes… …

Okay, enough of that. So, a style I want to try this spring and summer are maxi skirts, which will be fun seeing that I am a whopping 5’2″–ish–and those skirts are always a foot or more longer than me, but it will be okay.

There is something about a maxi skirt, which bring a fun elegance to casual wear. Yeah, we have our spring dresses, but for those of us who don’t tan as quickly we want something that will give us a super cute look without the blinding lights of our white legs. Maxi skirts give us that advantage and you can either dress them up or down.

Here are some examples of them dressed down:


Both of these outfits are more casual with either wearing a t-shirt or blue jean button up, but there is still an elegance to them, right? Now here are are two more dressed up maxi skirts that I love:

Okay after seeing this outfits how could you not want at least two maxi skirts in your closet for the spring and summer season!? Worn just right you can make yourself look taller and if you are self-conscious about your legs, it is a great piece to wear to a wedding!

Happy Shopping!


Comparing Today’s Trending Trinkets

comparing the trends.jpg

The great thing about Premier is our jewelry is High Fashion Jewelry! Which means it will last a lot longer than jewelry you will find from Claires or Charming Charlies, which are considered costume jewelry. Also, as you can from above, we have some of the best jewelry designers, who love to keep up with the trends of major Jewelry Companies! We have many different styles! Want to see more? check out my website at Ashley K Jewels.

If you would like to set up a home show! I can travel anywhere in northeast Indiana. If you don’t live in that area I can help you find a jeweler near you!

Keep Sparkling!


A Must Have Spring Trend for 2016

Floral dresses have always been around, but they are trending everywhere right now for the spring season! has them as one of their top trenders and looking through all the major chain department stores tells me Spring won’t be complete without a floral dress. So after searching through Macy’s, JCP, & Sears I found some of my favorites to share with prices:

Some of these places, such as JCP are having sales right now so the prices you see are originals. Even though these are my favorites, I am not much of a floral dress person. I have other tastes, so here are my favorites for the spring season:

Maurices Spring Dresses

I will say that I am super excited about the styles I am seeing this season! I can’t wait to go shopping for my dresses I will have to wear for wedding season this year! I mean, let’s be honest, I am not much of a dress girl unless it is a funeral, wedding, or bar mitzvah.

Happy Shopping!

Ashley Danielle

Body Chains: Hot or Not?

Jewelry has always been an every changing part of our society, but one style that has crept its way up to popularity are what fashion trendsetters are calling Body Chain Jewelry. What is this you ask? Here are three examples:

They are necklaces that cover more than just your neck and can create a fun effect to your wardrobe if worn with the right pieces. I love the look of the body chain necklace over the black tank top from the above picture. It gives it a fun look for going out with friends. 

But are they practical? As I researched the look, each picture I see is something you would wear out to a club or party or even the formal, but to wear it casually every day? The jury is still out for me, but you can make a decision. Here are some casual examples of it on simple everyday t-shirts:

So tell me what you think? Is this a trend that is going to stick and become popular in the fly over states such as Indiana or Ohio? Or is this just another blink of an eye trend we will only see in Hollywood and New York? Give me your opinions in the comments below.

Ashley Danielle

New Denim Trend That Has Me Jumping for Joy!

Its finally official–Skinny jeans are no longer a fashion trend this season, according to the experts and FLARE jeans are back in! I have been waiting for this moment since they left in the early 2000s. the great thing is I always have a pair of flare jeans in my closet and I am ready to break them back out! Now for you young ones who haven’t lived through a flare era this is what you are missing:

FLARE JEANS & HOUNDSTOOTH SCARF - Fashion Jackson #flare: 70 Modern Flare Jeans Outfit Ideas to Try This Spring - dark high-waisted flared jeans worn with an off-the-shoulder eyelet crop top: Lovely Luciano Flare Debim And Black Cami Fall Streetstyle Inspo:

If you don’t love how the flare jeans look with these outfits don’t worry. Other styles are in trending right now as well such as boyfriend cut and cropped jeans. Here are a few examples of those. The first two are boyfriend jeans, cuffed, which is the style and the last pair are cropped jeans:

Dear Stylist,  I love these darker no ripped boyfriend jeans - don't get me wrong, the destressed jeans are adorable, but I can't wear destressed jeans to work.  Please keep a look out for Jeans similar to these.  Thanks!: Style for over 35 ~ boyfriend jeans + cardi + ankle boots Kinda simple. I really love the boyfriend jean.: cropped jeans

So there we go! Jean trends are finally cycling and the days of having to squeeze yourself into a tiny pair of skinny jeans is fading away. I will admit that skinny jeans are probably going to come back because this is the third time that I know of flares being popular. So ladies dust off those jeans you have hidden away in your closet, waiting for them to make another round.

And for all you skinny jean only people, you better go shopping.


Spring Trends: Rose Gold

One of the biggest trends for the spring and summer this year is ROSE GOLD! Rose gold has wiggled its way into the hearts of women everywhere and the great thing is it looks good on EVERYONE! Jewelry designer Ariel Gordon told Huffington Post:

“Rose gold is amazing — it pulls out the blushy undertones in so many different skin colors.”

The biggest debate in the world of Jewelry, much like in the world of sports, is Gold or Silver. In comparison to where I live it is like choosing between IU or Purdue–you just can’t choose both. Well Rose Gold has come along to break the time old debate by practically combining the two together in a beautiful hue of color that both sides of the war can appreciate.

In honor of Rose Gold, Premier Designs is heading full force into this new era of color, contending with some of the top designers out there. We are really excited about our new Spring 2016 line and the beautiful Rose Gold jewelry we have available:

Rose Gold SummerThe earring are called Julia, the necklace is called Sun-Kissed, the bracelets are Rosie, and the rings are called Sienna. (The rings we have had since summer 2015). The crown jewel of the collection is our new watch called Rose Factor. What is amazing about our jewelry is that the most expensive piece doesn’t go over $105.

But like I said we aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this amazing new metal that goes with everyone. Many other designers are making pieces for it as well, but like I said before, we have amazing prices for such quality work. Check this out below:

Rose Gold Watch Price Comparison

How can you beat that?!? Its time to take advantage of what we have to offer. Now, some of you are skeptical. “Well, the quality must be cheap as the price.” WRONG! We take pride in our product and I personally have had many of my pieces from Premier for almost a year and they look close to brand new still!  To put your mind at ease we do have what we call our Golden Guarantee: golden guarentee

So put your mind at ease, we will take care of you! You can get this watch or any of our great jewelry by contacting your local Premier Jeweler. In the Fort Wayne area? Comment below with your email and I will get in touch with you. Live elsewhere? Still comment with your email and I will help you find someone near you!

Keep Sparkling Ladies!

Ashley K Jewels

Basic Fashion Formula

Fashion is everywhere. You are either hot or not in this society. Now, personally I think everyone looks great in their own style! The problem is society has pulled women’s self-esteem down so far that we think not taking pride in ourselves is rebelling against the masses. Yes, technically you are, but there is nothing wrong with being presentable and still maintaining your style and your standards. Premier designs has this great formula that has saved my life multiple times when putting together my outfits. Here it is for you in a visual:

basic formula The first step in the formula is to choose your base: black, denim, white, or khaki. Yes, many of these colors can be combined and if you want to combine them great! Even today I am wearing black pants and a white shirt as my base. That is okay.

Second step is the flare of fashion. Yes, I know I spelled flare differently than the stylish “flair,” but I like it better because of the definition “a sudden bright flame or light.” That is what this step is–a bright addition to your wardrobe.  This was always the step that I skipped. This could be a colorful blazer or a patterned shirt. It can even be a favorite, fun scarf for the winter months or some bold shoes. Either way make sure  your flare is the only bold piece. Mixing many bold pieces together can get tricky and if you are a pro at it great, but if not I would just start at one. For example today my flare of fashion is my favorite red and gold threaded scarf my roommate got me.

The third step is to Frost Yourself! If you are my age or older you might remember that line from “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” with Matthew MccConaughy and Kate Hudson. I love that idea of Jewelry frosting us. It is the topping we need to round out our outfit, just like frosting rounds out a cake. So make sure you don’t forget to add some jewelry. You can go as simple or as extravagant as you want. Arm parties of many bracelets are one of my favorite extravagant ways to wear my jewelry, but you can’t go wrong with a favorite pair of earrings, a fun ring, and a couple bracelets to accent my outfit. My suggestion is if you are wearing a scarf I would count that as a necklace most times. This way you don’t hide a beautiful piece of jewelry and you don’t snag it on the scarf.

So now that you have the formula down (and yes I give you permission to steal and use the formula as much as you want) let me show you some great examples of pieces that utilize this formula I found on pinterest.

BFF-Black BFF--Khaki

This great piece on the left is put together by:J’s Everyday Fashion. She has a great black base, a fun top for the second step and some simple pieces of jewelry to round it out. The example on the right is from the same website and she uses khaki as her base. She uses the same polka dot shirt and that is okay, because the outfit has a totally different vibe and color scheme with the pink highlights.

Below are two more examples for Denim and White. The denim base on the left comes from Style Estate Blog. She even rounds out her outfit in step three with an arm party and yes watches can be involved in that! The outfit on the right is from Aurora Trend. I love what she does! She uses a white shirt as her base and her flare of fashion is her red pants! Love it! Don’t be scared to try something bold like this!

Dark Denim + Plaid Top With Pops Of Red  BFF--White

Let me know what you think of the formula and let me see your outfits! Just comment or email me at!

Have a Blessed Day!


Ashley Danielle

My Masquerade’s Dance with God

I have always loved the idea of a masquerade ball: gorgeous dresses, fancy masks, hidden identity, dancing with a complete stranger only to have them take off their mask at midnight to find either a friend you have known your whole life or a complete, handsome stranger whom you fall in love with instantly. It is a romantic fairytale vision that many little girls dream about and single women long for. Although if I really think about it, that fantasy can never come true. It is mythical, but the idea of a mask is not. As I transferred from college age fantasies to a young woman many ideas have evolved and one of them is the thought of a mask. See I grew up as a Christian and I do not want to say I am religious, because that is a whole other negative annotation to get into, but what I will say I am is a strong follower of Jesus. So a little over two years ago I decided that God wanted me to start leading a small group of middle school aged girls at my church’s youth group on Wednesday nights. As my journey has progressed and matured through the couple years I have been with them I have discovered something about pre-teen age I never really thought about before—they were a mask.

The fantastical mask I once fantasized wearing as I danced with a dashing stranger is something middle school students, especially females, tie on every single day. This is not something we voluntarily do; we are trained to do this everyday of our lives. Just look at the different magazines that float from stand to stand. We want to be skinny or blond or blue eyed or tanner or taller or anything other than what is staring back at us in the mirror hanging in our bedroom. Do you realize that we are so obsessed with our image that we have a mirror hanging in almost every room? Take my old house for example. When I would walk in from the garage there was a mirror in our entryway to the left of me, then walking past my kitchen into my dining room there was a mirror hanging on the far wall. Of course we also had two and a half baths which had a huge mirror in each one and all three bedrooms had full length mirrors in them, adding to the vain lies that our world thrusts in our faces. If you weren’t counting that is eight mirrors–EIGHT! Who needs eight mirrors in their home of four people! Wow.

Mirrors aren’t the only negative entity in our weak and feeble minds. We allow songs, TV shows, movies, even pictures out of magazines influence who we become, but it doesn’t mean that is who we are supposed to be. It doesn’t help when a fashion designer or magazine editor says that you have to be this size, with this color of hair and eyes, and that height to be considered beautiful.

Our appearance is not the only thing that could be considered a mask—our attitudes as well. What people see us as is just another fancy dress we lace up and parade around for the world to see. As teens, stereotypical masks such as: Jock, Popular, Nerd, Goth, Hippie, Ghetto, etc., are all we think about when we are in school. Kids try and fit into one of those labels or they are accused of being it and can never scrub away the invisible tattoo their peers has inked on their foreheads.

As soon as you walk through the doors into the public eye, whether we realize it or not, we cloth ourselves in “who” we want to be. But is that really you? That is a question we need to consistently ask ourselves: “Underneath it all is this who I really am?” What if it is not who we are? What if we decorate our masks with frivolous feathers, beads, and sequins just to impress the friends and people around us? Is that really how it should work?

These are all questions that even as I grow older I still can not answer without a small hint of skepticism. The world of fashion and entertainment outline our clothes and what is ‘hot’ or ‘uncool,’ so are the answers we come up with on who we are truly real and from ourselves? We live in such a world full of technology that any answer of any question can be found by pressing a button and asking Siri, but even the internet can be full of lies for us. Where is the one place you can go and get the truth? I think for each person it is different, but I do not mean your best friend or boyfriend or your parents or even your husband or wife, because they do not know everything about you and your heart. They are not always privileged to see under the mask but in my opinion only one is: God.

We forget that, don’t we? God can see us. I believe God already knows everything about us. He designed who we are.  Last year in our youth group we talked about the mask we wear everyday and how we can strip that mask away. Its funny because every time I hear about ‘taking off the mask’ I feel like they are telling me to let everyone around me know everything about me; from my superficial interests to my deep dark secrets. I do not think that is what we should do. I know as a Christian I must present myself as a believer and follow the laws and commandments of my God, but I do not think we must show the world our hurts. There is a fine line between lying about yourself and being yourself. We can have a mask on and still be ourselves—our true mask.  The thing about the mask is we need to allow our imperfections to show. It is what makes us unique in a time when everybody wants to be the same. I like being unique. It means I was created for something special. Right now I could become depressed because I am college graduate, whom was let go from her supposedly ‘dream’ job, clawing at a graduate degree, hoping it will help me find my true career path, and, barely making ends meat because I don’t have a full time job yet, but I don’t. Why? Well, because God has a plan in this and He is preparing me for whatever is next.

It is the same for everyone, young and old alike. You might be at the low end of the totem pole or the bell of the ball; it doesn’t matter because God has a plan for what you are going through. I know it is difficult to see and to be honest only God sees His puzzle that He is constructing, the book He is writing, or the timeline He is plotting, but it is there, you have to trust him! I have to trust Him. I have to trust that there are going to be days when I will have to have my true mask tied around my head and ready for battle against our cruel world with God by my side and there are days I will have to trust He is holding my hand as I pull the mask down a little and display some of my deeper pain as I lead these girls down the rocky road of middle school and the masquerade issues of life.